Customer Release Notes - HPE Apollo Platform Manager Firmware Version 3.40

Important Notes:
This firmware only supports the HPE Apollo Platform Manager (APM). This firmware should NOT be used with the HP ProLiant SL Advanced Power Manager.

HPE Apollo Platform Manager Firmware Version 3.40 uses OpenSSL revision 1.0.1o.

Deliverable Name:

HPE Apollo Platform Manager Firmware for HPE/HP Apollo Systems, Moonshot Systems, ProLiant SL2500 Scalable System, ProLiant SL4500 Server Series, and ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System.
HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10, HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10, HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10.

Release Version:


Last Recommended or Critical Revision:


Previous Revision:


Upgrade Requirement:


Firmware Dependencies:

Apollo Chassis Management Firmware ACC 1.4.12 and  ACC-w6000 1.3.25 or newer

Enhancements/New Features:

Enhanced Cooling Distribution Unit SNMP support.

Enhanced Cooling Distribution Unit valve position reporting range of 0% - 100%.

Added APM support to power ON/OFF fabric switches
Added support to set chassisfru options independently.

Added "Show Fan zone   " to display Fan zone information.

Added displaying user readable information when using "Show Power Cap Mode"

Added updated Help files.

Added Node MacAddresses to Systems under node.

Added Redfish support to turn on/off all nodes from managed enclosure.

Added Redfish schemas to display Firmware Inventory.

Added Redfish POST support to change Chassis FRU Serial Number and Part Number.

Added Redfish support for upgrading chassis firmware via TFTP and FTP.

Added an APM user command to clear the rack LED status.

Added Redfish support to display iLO Mac addresses.

This release contains the latest release of HPE Environmental Module firmware version 2.1.3 (06/21/2019) with the following updates.

- Fixed an issue where rack condition monitoring sensors intermittently go missing.

- Updated automatic rack door opening temperature threshold from 40 degC to 30 degC.

  NOTE: Do NOT Hot plug the water valves into the Rack Environmental Module as this risks damaging the Rack Environmental Module.

Problems Fixed:

Fixed APM Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) web page pressures pump discharged and CDU discharge reversed.

Fixed error in PDU GUI page where max threshold values went beyond the set values in the graphs.

Fixed CLI for SHOW POWER PDM and SHOW RACK PDM to show proper rectifier capacity.

Fixed unknown identification for power meter with UNKNOWN_TYPE and VOLTAGE_A > 264 show up as 480V.

Fixed rectifier output capacity in GUI from 9450 to 11000 watts.

Fixed "Show Power Baseline" to show all 48 nodes.

Fixed Add Accounts support for Administrators permissions only.

Fixed iLO Redfish versioning support for updated iLO5 releases.

Known Issues:

Active Directory Authentication does not work with a username containing a space e.g. "apm user".
APM LDAP does not support authentication of Users inside Nested Active Directory Groups.


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